Saturday, 1 May 2010

Knitting & Crochet Blog Week - Saturday: Revisit a past Finished Object

This is the first post of the Knit & Crochet Blog Week that I had not prepared in advance, because I couldn't decide what to write about.  There is no one single FO that immediately sprang to mind.  Checking my Ravelry page I find that there are a few completed projects: it isn't so much which one to pick but more a case of what to write.

I tend to go into way too much detail in my blog posts. I suppose it's the German in me: we just love to be thorough! It's dreadful: why would you want to go on and on and on about something as if you wanted to make sure to lose your reader's attention? I don't like that about myself and - still - I keep doing it! Oh, to be a bit more concise! Just a slightly more flippant approach in brushing past at least a couple out of the dozens of details! That'd be the ticket.
It wouldn't be me as much but I would really like to find the golden middle.

Back to the subject: for some strange reason I picked my Blue short-sleeved raglan top.  It is a pretty simple design so I was a little surprised at myself for deciding on this. When I get an impulse, I like to go with it.

It is a modification of the striped raglan tee off the Lion Wool website.  I already described that I changed how I decreased at the shoulders: After three repeats I changed the decrease row from every forth row to every third row. After six of those, it was five times every second row and then even every row because I wasn't getting a good shoulder shaping otherwise.  The reason for this change is my yarn: it has a lot less give in it than the suggested Lion brand wool.  Because it is less elastic the garment just wouldn't shape itself to my shoulders like wool would.  If I had followed the instructions as given, then the neckline wouldn't have sat properly and the rest of the garment from the shoulders down would have hung like a sack of wet potatoes.  The picture of the Lion tee does show that the shoulders look quite straight and the neckline is a slightly odd opening at the top.

I think I did pretty well with my adapted shoulder shaping: it sits and hangs well, and I lucked into a good neckline.

The hem was turned with a purl row for the ridge line, continued knitting for the same number of rows as from the provisional cast-on and then one stitch from the cast-on was knit together with one stitch on the needle.

The top is slightly fitted by a few decreases every ten rows and then increases towards the arm holes.

I learnt a lot from making this top. I was very pleased that I was able to adapt the shoulders to make the yarn work and to achieve a pretty good fit.  I have not worn it much yet but that's mainly because it wasn't warm enough for short sleeves yet.

I am looking forward to better weather for a few more reasons than before I started knitting again!

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  1. Lovely! The color is great, and your shoulder-fix was very smart, and it adds to the style of the top.