Sunday, 14 March 2010

Blue short-sleeved raglan top

I seriously need to diminish my yarn stash by quite a bit. It gets to the point where I don't know any more what I've got. That makes for lovely re-discoveries but it's terrible on the wallet.

Having started a third shawl in the last four months, I felt that it would be nice to do a very simple, plain knitted top with short sleeves.

This yarn is called Lido by German company Buttinette. It is very similar to Patons Smoothie DK in texture. Shame that there are only six Lido shades but I prefer the blue and grape shades to most of the Smoothie shades which seem a little insipid.

The pattern is adapted from the Raglan Tee on the Lion Wool website. I needed to change the decreases from every forth row to every third, second and then even every row from the shoulder point onwards to make the sloping shallow enough on top of the shoulders.

I am pretty happy with this even though I ran out of yarn before I could knit any sleeve and neck facings. A thinner yarn for this might not be a bad idea though.

PS: Imagine my chagrin when I discovered a forlorn single ball of this wool at the back of my stash. I've no idea how I managed to lose track of it. But I am pretty sure that there is no more anywhere else. I wouldn't mind knitting something else in this yarn (maybe in the grape colour), but I need to use up some of my stash before buying any more.

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  1. Stash busting - I need it so badly! I'm trying to be disciplined about it, but the yarns available in shops here are sooooo much nicer than the ones I have in my stash!