Sunday, 8 March 2015

Two and a half hour top

I didn't set out to time myself on this, but I completed this in two and a half hours today. Still not the standard of the Great British Sewing Bee but not too bad nonetheless. I am very happy that I managed to sew a garment within one day and complete it.

That's the good news and I am delighted about this because I usually leave something undone.

Could it be that it would be too much of a shock to the system if I just kept going until it is actually, properly completed? I am kidding of course. But I still suffer from the 95% curse, - and it is dreadful. I am rather fed up with myself to be honest.

Back to the garment. I am happy with the fabric: it irons really well (it is either a polyester or mabe a viscose?).

I like the drape - but unfortunately it doesn't fit very well. I attempted to make a narrower version (No.3) of my black (version 1) and petrol tops (version 2, not blogged) but only took it in a little bit (I drafted the pattern from the black top because I can't find the actual pattern I used ). Which might be a good thing because this shows up that the sleeves look funny at their top seam with the body. There is kink there even though the top of the sleeve is a very smooth and flat curve.

With another version of this I will need to try and raise the seam that's a dropped shoulder right now. That means that the sleeve head will have to change completely. The body is big enough right now to not need a dart but I am afraid that a change to the dropped shoulder would throw the garment out of whack completely.  I think I will have to try a different pattern for my 'simple' tops.

I can clearly see that I need to sew more.

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