Thursday, 19 March 2015

Aubergine Viscose top

[Note: Another blog post that I wrote ages ago and hadn't yet published. There is an update at the end.]

This is my purple viscose yarn top which is wonderfully cool to wear:

The colour looks a lot more aubergine in real life, whereas the photos make it look like a blu-ish purple. The yarn is a very slippery Drops Cotton Viscose (Ravelry link)

In the process of knitting up the back, which presented a multitude of problems: it got too wide, it got too narrow and I ended up ripping this down a few times.

The front drapes very well, the stockinette back... not so much.  It's okay though, I can live with that.

I now wonder if I can really live with the back being quite so shapeless. Reason being: I haven't worn this top once! Oh no. And I keep thinking of the lovely yarn and how nice it would look if I made something else out of this...
Even more: 'oh no'. I have too much wool! I cannot possibly start ripping down fully made garments to re-use the yarn! I Just. Simply. Cannot.
End of story.

So I should try to wear this as soon as the weather gets warm enough again this year. Maybe I can think of a fix.

Maybe I could sew 'design' welts into the back to take it in in strategic places, or gather into pleats at the centre back: lower down where the small of the back is. Something like that.
I'll see if the mood strikes me.

And that's my update. Um.

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