Sunday, 8 February 2015

Fabric shopping in Shepherd's Bush

I only just realised that I have a number of draft posts sitting there unloved and neglected.  I completely forgot that I hadn't finished them

So just for completeness's sake, here is my blog post about a fabric shopping trip 2-3 years ago, it was the first time we went to the Goldhawk Road/Shepherds Bush area fabric shops as a group.

It is a really long time ago now...

Oh my goodness, did I have a whale of a time or what!  I went absolutely totally over-the-top bonkers mad.  If that gives you an idea of how much I felt like a kid in a candy shop.

So many beautiful fabrics!  Just couldn't resist.  There were a couple of occasions when I gave off excited little screams, might have been 'let me at it' yelps for all I know, to be honest.

There are two new shops that I didn't know and I just absolutely love and adore the range of fabrics they sell!  I know I will come back and then aim straight for those.  I'll have to try and remember the names - they were both on the South side of Goldhawk Road, maybe 3-4 fabric shops away from the tube station?

I went with a whole group of girls from my Sewing group, it was lovely sharing the shopping experience and best of all: go for a well-deserved sit-down at the end.  I still knew the building as the local library (but they seem to have moved into Westfields?) but it is now a theatre, the Bush Theatre.  Who knew?  And they have a great cafe bar - I'll come back just for this, I won't even need to buy any fabric first (oh, just who am I kidding?).  Really nice place.  On Uxbridge Road on the corner to Pennard Road, old building, has a beer garden along its side.

I can't wait to see what I'll make from my lovely new purchases.

Update: I did cut into the flowery black and white fabric for a quilt. I would like to make one with fan shapes in seven black and white fabrics, with a dark red quarter circle and the remainder of the square in white. I have a lovely Egyptian cotton from Empress Mills, they sell random cuts in a bundle - perfect for patchwork!

The pink and organgey fabric on top on the right: I gave this one away at a fabric swap. The orange or salmon colour is just not me. I'm sure it's gone to a good home.

I haven't done anything with the other fabrics, just like so many others. I am hoping that my fabric buying obsession has lessened now that I've got pretty much all fabrics in the kind of colours that I could want...

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