Monday, 12 January 2015

Three different projects

I want to take a project to sewing group tomorrow evening, I have tonight to come up with something (and not just grab my knitting).

There is a crazy fraying fabric where I tailor-tacked the skirt front cutting outline so I can overlock and cut out. I will need to match the two back pieces to this - so I guess I best do this at home and I can tell myself, with relief, that this is not a good candidate for taking along.  Good.

I cut out the paper pattern to cut out a toile fabric.  I might be able to do some marking at the meeting, but that won't take long.

I have the blue random dot circular skirt that I already hemmed and sewed two of three side seams. I could cut out the waistline - which I hadn't done because I still need to decide if I am doing a full or three quarter circle.  I can start with the higher waistline for a full circle and get the other to take a photo?  That way I can evaluate whether I actually like the fullness and the length of the skirt as is.

That's a good idea. I can also cut that waistline tonight, I already marked it on the paper piece I am using for a pattern.

My blue fabric is like the black dotted fabric in the middle (above), but in blue. Err, obviously.  I don't have a photo of any of the projects I talk about, so this photo will have to do.

I have no idea how far I got with the aqua and pink top that I really need to get done, finished, over!*  I did take it along to the last meeting but then didn't work on it.  Maybe because it's not at the right stage, that's quite possible.
*: it's going in the bin otherwise.

This is another schedule issue I want to work on this year: get some projects to the stage where I can do some hand-sewing or basting or marking - I can then take it along to group and feel that I am using my time well.

Which I didn't do over the weekend: I just lay down reading - all day.  It was very relaxing and enjoyable, but now that the weekend is over it also feels like I wasted my time. I could have done some reading and spent the rest of the time on more productive pursuits.  Damn.  Not happy about that.

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  1. Lovely fabrics! I especially like the one in the middle.