Sunday, 8 September 2013

My new sewing machine

I am so happy: I have a new sewing machine.

Getting it set up is a story and a half.  I blithely assumed that I would be able to strap the box onto my little trolley (I use it to take my other sewing machines to be repaired, so the assumption was a natural one) - but didn't expect this one to be too big so trolleying it around on the tube was a no-no.

Chastised I patiently wait for one and off in a cab I went. I was in luck: there was no rush hour stop-and-go traffic and we got through very nicely. Thanks so much driver!  Great job.  (Although to be truthful the guy did a few things I wasn't expecting someone to do, only while at a stand-still but still: he put in eye drops a couple of times, and then he was reading something? Most odd. But all was well that ends well.)

Then it turned into quite an adventure. I felt a bit like St George and the dragon.  I had to wrestle this monster of a machine out of its box while the accessories kept dropping on my feet (they weren't taped down in their molded compartments in the polystyrene). I couldn't pull the machine up and out of the box, too heavy, and I couldn't pull the box off the machine either: too unwieldy.

I had the clever idea to put it onto its side, exerted a vice-like death grip on the machine handle and tried shoving the box out of the way. Didn't work too well: it kept banging into the wall while the machine threatened to slide off the table. You would have heard some cursing if you had happened to be passing.

I finally got the two separated by pulling the box towards me and making sure the machine stayed on the table. It nearly didn't, but it all had a fortuitous end after all. Phew.

Then in the days following, I developed a cold where reading the instructions just didn't make any sense and absolutely nothing sunk in. After that I went on holidays (honestly, I never had a holiday that was so inconveniently timed!) and then, all of last week, I was just knackered from my time away (don't ask, there was lots going on).

So it was really only yesterday, Saturday, that I had a chance to set it up.

So obviously the thing that I did do, was this:

Right?  That's not quilting?  What happened there? (I didn't knit all of this, just some, during the morning. Not too long)

Honestly, what am I like. I must be scared of success. All the potential of my new toy must be having a terrifying effect on me. That's ridiculous.

At least I managed to finally set the machine up, with some virtual help from friends (thank you Shevvy and Pennie! Just the sort of push that I needed). Completely knackered afterwards of course. So I left the actual sewing to the following day.

Which is today!

I woke up feeling like a kid at Christmas: I get to use my new machine today, yay, yay, yay, happy dance!

And this is what I did:

A hash tag quilt! Heh-heh. Well, you know, the start of one.

I wanted to make this kind of criss-crossed motif in blue and grey for ages. Very simple: just the two colours.  Very simple motif: two lines each crossing.  It did dawn on me that this would look like hash tags but I happen to even like that about this quilt.  There might just be a certain amount of geek in me.

The plan is to make four motifs across and goodness only knows how many for the length. It's supposed to go onto my bed, so we'll see when I get a bit further.

What I am quite excited about: the machine does indeed sew relatively quietly (unless you put your foot down at the highest speed, then it produces quite a whine), at least when you use the slowest speed. But I think I'll get away with slightly more noise and that means: I could, if I really, really wanted to and happened to wake up very early... I could even sew a bit in the morning!

Not that I actually think I will, but the thing is: I could. That's quite something.

I'm thinking a black binding for this quilt. What do you think?

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  1. Fab! It's so great that you have a new machine. I can't wait to hear more about it on Saturday!