Friday, 15 February 2013

One block of 12

I went for tonal and colour progression on this.  I picked the pink on purpose because the block I had seen, and liked very much, really came into its own for a very light second colour (lime green I think together with a dominant very dark colour. Dark brown or even black? Can't rememeber)

Now the fabrics would have worked out really well on the block I saw - except I forgot that it wasn't a four patch but a nine patch with quarter square triangles at the 12, 3, 6 and 9 position.  I don't remember what the centre square was like.

I had already sewn these together with the plain purple fabric as the centre cross and then started to wonder what had happened to those quarter square triangles (that I hadn't started yet). Ah. Yes.

Still, I liked it so much just the way it was, I went ahead.

Then I realised that I wouldn't have enough fabric if I carried on with this distribution so I ended up making six blocks in this dark to light combo, and another six in reverse order: light to dark.

I sewed them together (no photo yet, sorry) and then found that it was too short for a single bed quilt.

Not having lots of fabric left I then used strips to extend the quilt top.

That's how far I got over the Christmas holiday.  Haven't had time so far to do much about the other side.

I did fussy-cut a few panels out of a grey fabric I want to use as the focal point!

Yep, I have so much fabric that I need to make this a reversible quilt or I'll never use up half the hoard that I've got, not in a hundred years...

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