Friday, 15 February 2013

110 Projects and counting

I just noticed that I accumulated 110 projects on Ravelry.  Obviously not 'completed' projects: I have 21 WIPs on the go (I moaned about this before, so I'll spare you) - 13 in hibernation and 2 ripped - that leaves 74 completed.

That's not actually that bad.  But, oh boy, 21 things I started and haven't finished yet?

Part of that is that I like one project that I can just motor through - ideal for in front of the telly or the computer.  I merrily motor on and get to a difficult bit.  That I need to focus on so I won't do nonsense or commit ridiculous mistakes.  Always happens when you only half pay attention.

That means that the 'difficult bit stage' items are left to stew in their own juices until I remember that I really want to use that particular project, that I really like it.  Then all of a sudden I make major progress.

Very occasionally I also finish something.

That's great, isn't it?

Having said all that: I did finish items and even took some photographs - but I just haven't blogged about them.

Let's make up for that.

My Lotus Flower Sideways Scarf:

And another photo that shows the detail a litte better:

I wanted to knit this sideways so I wouldn't have to do a great many repeats of the lace pattern.  These are seven repeats if I remember correctly.  I felt that made it wide enough.  If I had to do a great many more repeats while knitting it lengthwise, I would have stopped long before the scarf got to this size and it would have stayed at a very short neckwarmer.

The yarn is Ziton Filigran.  Unfortunately it doesn't hold the shape well.  It relaxes quite a bit which isn't helped by this sideways construction I came up with.  The cast-on edge and the bound-off edge were meant to lay in a wavey line but sling it round your neck for five seconds and you can forget about that.

I was hoping I would be able to combine this with lots of outfits, which I can, but I'm still not wearing it all that often.  I just prefer other shawls.

The stitch pattern came out of a stitch book, it is called Lotus Flower, hence the project name.

I will try something like this again but will pick a yarn that behaves a little different and I will make sure I get suitable edges by thinking a little more about my cast-on and bind-off.

It was an interesting exercise.

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