Friday, 28 September 2012

Feeding the fabric habit

Unfortunately I am buying a heck of a lot of fabric.  I just can't seem to stop myself.  It is as if I am addicted to poring over fabric, picking and choosing, and then carrying home my haul, - and as if this buying malarkey is the beginning and end of all things sewing related for me.  I just can't understand why I buy so much fabric while I don't get round to anything that even leads up to actual sewing - whether that's dressmaking, patchwork, quilting or making other kinds of fabric item where you would, you guessed it, actually use up some of that confounding fabric!

Here's the latest culprit:

But then again (and that's where the whole problem arises) I am not mad at myself for buying two meters of this specific fabric - because I just couldn't leave it behind!

Here's a close-up of the details, already cut up into squares:

The colours on my monitor are a bit off, what looks like a grey background on some squares is a much more browny/creamy colour (not really my thing) and the background of the other squares is a lot closer to the real colour of a greeny blue.  A mid to dark colour that might be called petrol or teal.

The nice thing is that I've got quite a few bits of fabrics, some fat quarters, some with more mileage in it, that go very nicely with this blueish colour. 

I'm planning on putting framing stripes around these squares, in two rings. One a little lighter and the second a dark colour, probably alternating on half the squares.

I am not sure if I will use the beige coloured squares as well or only the green/blue ones.

I also love the borders between the squares but these stripes aren't very wide.  If I have lots of fabric left then I might be able to use this part of the fabric as well (possibly for another project, not sure yet).  My plan for the squares patchwork does mean that these stripes disappear in the seam allowance.  Shame that.

I was so inspired by the fabric itself that I just had to buy it.  Yes, I'm feeding my habit but...

Picking through my fabric haul at home, putting together combinations of colours and patterned fabrics - it does make me very happy.  I think it's the wonderful potential and lovely promise of it all: with these many different fabrics to hand I can really indulge in all sorts of ideas and plans.

It would be kind of nice to come through with the occasional project (so I can stop feeling quite so guilty and self-indulgent. That more than anything else) but I fully expect to one day decide that I'm completely fed up and in a funk, and therefore need to radically reduce the vastness of my stash.  I'm sure I will make other people very happy by donating the lot (just talking about the excess, not the whole lot of it!) to those friends who are not in the same boat and would like some free fabric, or otherwise the local charity shop.  One day...

Not any day soon though.  For now I'm keeping it all to myself to play around with and indulge.  Sorry.

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