Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Coarsewoven patchwork - the photos

I already posted these pictures to Google+. This block is so much fun to put together, it's like a jigsaw puzzle! I just love this.

Originally I found this block layout at Quilters Cache.  Googling it just now found another example that I love for the use of different fabrics in the vertical stripes and the same fabric in the horizontals, top and bottom. This is from the 1900s! Link to the University of Kansas, Spencer Museum of Art.

I am not yet going to say what I will use these for, but I did make two of them:

Here is another photo showing a close-up: 

The colours are not true to reality (well, except for the black). The patterned purple of the vertical strips is pretty much the same purple as of the unicoloured horizontal strips. They are both less grey-blue and more 'proper' purple.

The secret to putting these together lies in partial seams. At least this is my solution.

I found this block at Quilters Cache. There the bottom "steps" have to be sewn in in one go, in a zig-zag. I haven't tried it but it strikes me as really fiddly and utterly frustrating. I'm not terribly accurate so this would be all kinds of wonky!

I couldn't be bothered to even try.

But partial seams, on almost all the vertical strips, worked like a charm!

Click through to the tutorial I drew up because it's easier shown than explained.

Let me know what you think, I'd love to hear from you.

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  1. I like the look of it at the end - you could play around with how you put multiple strips of the block together.

    Its like a cross between bargello and log cabin. Both of which I love.

    It still looks fiddly though, one day I will give it a go just to try it for myself....