Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Recently finished project

Socks for Dad, Christmas present.

The yarn is XXL Trekking in the Deep Blue colourway 451.  There are bits of purple and very short bits of a darker blue in there too.  It is very subtle which I love.  I think the following photo shows the colours quite well.

I would like to believe that this yarn makes for very good men's socks.

I didn't want to add too much design.  So I thought that just a bit of a cable running down each side of the foot from the gusset/heel point upwards would do nicely.  It gives me something interesting to do and doesn't make the socks too fancy.  I don't see guys being into complicated patterns much.

I should add that I designed these myself, from scratch.  I thoroughly enjoy doing that!

The foot part is completely plain.  Even though the yarn is superwash (I checked before I ordered.  I can't see my Dad hand washing his socks.  Can you?)  I expect the part that will be inside the shoes to go a touch felted.  Probably not a lot, but just that little bit.

I really enjoyed making these and now I just hope that they'll fit.  I asked for his measurements and am fairly confident that I stuck to them - the only thing is that I am a little worried about  is that they are not long enough - you have to pull a bit to get the foot length.  I understand that you should make socks with a negative ease of ten per cent and that's what I did here. So fingers crossed I guess!

Now I just have to send them hopefully in time for Christmas!


  1. awesome :) I have a pair of socks that I really need to work on. Really, I shouldn't say pair, I have part of "a sock" that I should finish, and then, you know, start the next one! Thanks for the inspiration! Keep up the good work!

  2. Hey no problem at all! I'm delighted if I can motivate my fellow knitters.
    If you're not too sure if you'll be able to do a second sock (I find them almost impossible) then you could get a second set of needles and start the second sock right now? Do a bit on one, a bit on the other, etc. It's fantastic for "remembering" exactly what you did on the first one, you know: increasing, decreasing, turning the heel, - and once you're past the heel on both they're done so quick that you think they've done that by themselves! As if by magic...

    Good luck! And above all: enjoy the knit.