Tuesday, 18 October 2011

The Sewing Room by Beyond Fabrics

A few months back (apology for my tardiness) I went along to the opening of the Sewing Room.  This is the second location around the corner from Beyond Fabrics, a wonderful quilting fabric and crafts items shop on Columbia Road.

They offer courses and workshops in this location. There are four places equipped with sewing machines.

The fabric shop Beyond Fabrics on Columbia Road itself is very lovely too. In addition to lovely fabrics for quilting, they have very interesting haberdashery items and a good selection of books too.

I bought a lovely book about making fabric flowers:

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I particularly liked their plain cotton fabrics: there is a very good range of colours - I like using plain cottons with patterned fabrics for my quilting patchwork work.  Using too many highlyl patterned fabrics makes the result look quite busy and crowded.

Here are some items I made using this kind of mix:



And that's already most of the quilted items I made, don't think of this as a small sampling, instead: that's pretty much it.  I started a couple more smaller items and didn't get very far on those.

And here's one more item where I used more patterned fabrics and ended up with a rather buzzy result.  Next time, I would probably sash something like this with a plain fabric to calm it down a lot.  PS: the switched round 'N' in the bottom right corner is not a design feature - it was a long day, I had a deadline looming, and what can I say...

It does give the overall design a bit of balance though: the counter weight to the 'N' in the top left corner? I should just say that it was meant to look like that, cough... (Yup, you're right: I'm trying it on)


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