Saturday, 8 October 2011

My knitting is stuttering

If my knitting was a car then it would be, well, stuttering.  Not really going anywhere, spits and starts, and definitely no real sense of purpose let alone progress!

I haven't blogged in a little while so I thought I might as well post a screen grab of my current WIPs:

That's without those projects that I've sent into Ravelry hibernation, just so I don't have to look at them every time I load up my project page.

The Levenwick cardigan didn't need sewing up (it's seamless, don't you just love that?) but I need to sew the pocket on as well as the buttons.  In actual fact I did sew four of the seven I need on, but then realised that at least one ended up in totally the wrong place.  Maybe sewing on of buttons isn't the most ideal activity to attempt at knitting group.
I may also have to rip the sleeves down an inch, they got a bit long.  Not too bothered about that right now though.

I may have run out of the icy pink yarn.  I can't for the life of me find another ball in my stash that I am sure I have.  It's probably found itself a terrific hiding place and is spending its time laughing at me!  I'll just leave it until I can think straight again and trust myself to check my stash properly.

That reminds me that I started another 4ply cotton project that I didn't list yet.  It's a mid pink, I know I only have four balls which really did not even feel like it was going to be enough even though the yardage requirement seemed to promise that.  Should listen to your instincts!  I found some spare black 4ply so I should be able to do a two-colour top.  Sleeveless, strappy, not too much back - that sort of thing.

The cream-coloured Trachtentuch is waiting to be dyed.  I would love this to be a rich but darkish brown!  I don't have anything in brown yet but there are some light coloured trousers that would go beautifully with that kind of shade!  There are a few other projects that need dying - I have the feeling that it'll be a very, very long time till I get to it!

Love the colourwork Birdsong socks, one of the few patterns that I just had to get even though you have to pay for it.  But I need free head space to focus on the pattern and I'm just not in the mood right now.

The Steinrose lace is at an awkward stage: there are flower shapes (sort of like Gentian?) that ask for a kind of cabling: you have to twist two stitches in every second row.  The result is very pretty but it is so tiresome to knit!  I hate cables, they're just not my thing.  Maybe in a chunky knit, but not in this fiddly Malabrigo lace.  I should probably send this into hibernation as well.

The Vintage doily is at a great stage right now: lots of very easy pattern.  Just a big zigzag really.  Totes easy to do.  Unfortunately there are a lot of stitches at this stage of the game and I keep wondering what possibly possessed me to knit this single-stranded seeing as it's 1ply!  What on earth...?

My rectangular Niebling shawl is the most accessible project right now: just stocking stitch until I used up a bit more yarn, then I'll pick up stitches around to do a narrow stocking stitch border.  Unfortunately I can't take it out and about with me: there are four circular needles in there (that makes eight needle tips) and I'm too scared about possibly doing someone damage if things went wrong...

So there you go.  Lots of hiccups and not a lot of progress to report on.

But at least I'm getting a blog post out of it.

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