Friday, 15 July 2011

Knit Nation starts today!

I'm off to Knit Nation tonight!  I can't wait!

The list of vendors reads terrifically wonderful: utterly, utterly tempting!

Just take a look:

Anova Books
Artisan Yarns
Atomic Knitting
Blacker Designs & Yarns
Brownberry Yarns
GMC Publishing
Great British Yarns
Habu Textiles
Jeanette Sloan
John Arbon Textiles
Juno Fibre Arts
Knitting Magazine
Krafty Koala
Loop Knitting
Old Maiden Aunt
Purl Alpaca Designs
Renaissance Dyeing
Skein Queen
StitchMastery Knitting Software
Susan Crawford Vintage
Sweet Clement
Tall Yarns'n'Tales
Toft Alpaca Shop
The Bothered Owl
The Little Knitting Company
The Natural Dye Studio
The Yarn Yard
Tilly Flop Designs
Twisted Angle
Well Manor Farm
Woolly Wormhead
Yarn Box

I am particularly looking forward to Sweet Clement yarns - Pippa's tweets have wetted my appetite for her amazing new colours!  I just cannot wait to see them.

I am also keen to check out The Little Knitting Company's stall - I cannot quite remember if it was lkco's online site where I saw linen yarns, whoever has any will have me hog their stall!

Quite some time in the past I heard of Sparkleduck yarns.  At the time I concluded that I would never be able to buy any of these because I couldn't imagine myself going to a wool event where they would be available (too far away, didn't find out in time, no money, etc etc).  Well!  How times have changed.
So very curious to see what these are like!

I also heard of several people sharing one stall which includes the two lovely ladies from the Bothered Owl - I'm rather keen to buy some of their crochet stitch markers!  They are extremely useful because you can hook them into your knitting or crochet and easily take them back out too without any danger of them coming off when you least want that to happen.  I think their designs are wonderfully quirky!

I will make a point of stopping by Skein Queen and Artisan Yarns too.  I have seen their yarns at other events and they are lovely.

And for the first time prior to this event I had the opportunity to hear about the sheer hard work that went into preparing for Knit Nation by those vendors who I think tweeted their progress updates in an exhausted bid to preserve their sanity!  I am seriously impressed by how much yarn they had to get ready, how much winding and labelling goes into all this - even down to keeping their fingers crossed that the sun would shine so the precious newly dyed yarns would dry okay!

The tales of back pain and incapacity, sore throats and colds abounded.  I am keeping my fingers tightly crossed in hoping that everyone recovers well enough by the time tonight's Market Place Preview starts!

I really must stop by those tweeters who I could identify!  One of them must be Easy Knits, I heard of Jeanette Sloan, Tilly Flop Designs, NicsKnots and Old Maiden Aunt.  Oh and Ysolda too of course!  Her photobooth sounds like a really good laugh.

Now, how soon can I get myself there and how quickly can it be 5 o'clock? Pretty please?


My own Twitter handle is: GiselleKnits.  Nice and descriptive.


  1. Oh I am so jealous! Hope you have a wonderful time and looking forward to hearing your stories and seeing what you buy

  2. I found you through Spinster Beth and will be checking in on you and your crafts. Know you are busy now with Knit Nation, but when you get back, I'd like to ask you about a beaded bracelet. Ciao!

  3. Hi Nancy, please feel free to ask anything you'd like. Is it about the black fringed bracelet that I made? That reminds me that I still need to blog about the other bracelet. I must keep up with myself!