Friday, 24 December 2010

Semi solid red socks with cable panel

My dark red socks are done!  I'm so pleased:

The colour in the third photo is lots closer to reality.  Very much more red than purple!

YarnSweet Clement - Beloved
Needles2.75 mm
SourceFree pattern by Lisa Stichweh on Ravelry

This is the first project in a while that incorporates cables.  A fact I only realised once I'd set my heart on the pattern and started the top ribbing!  Cables are the one thing I tried to avoid because I don't enjoy them.  I found them less tedious than I remembered, thankfully, - and the pattern looks extremely gorgeous!

At first I couldn't make head or tail of the cable pattern: there are groups of either two or three stitches involved, some of these get purled, others are knit.  The knit stitches are all knit through the back loop, fine, I can do that.  But which way do you switch the stitches and how many where?

It became easier when I realised that all purl stitches went to the back and never crossed over at the front. Okay-dokey.  Then I could see the meander take shape: there are two stitches of the big meander line on top, and one to the thinner line that runs underneath.  Right!

Once I could see what the pattern is meant to look like, I had no further problems.  I do believe though that one of the symbols early on the left wasn't the right one.  Never mind, I managed to suss it out.

They fit beautifully (the heel might be a touch big but not disastreously so) and the yarn feels so wonderful on my feet!
I am so very much looking forward to knitting up the other two skeins of the same yarn.  I bought one in a dark green and the other one is pink.  I'll have socks in every colour of the rainbow!
Seriously yummy.

I will buy more of this yarn when mine is finished.  Sweet Clement's Etsy shop will be up and running at some point soon.  Pippa suggests to follow her Twitter feed for updates (Sorry, I can only access the feed via the '' site, you get the idea) and she also has a blog.  And I think that's all the info you would ever want!  You can tell that I am seriously impressed by her beautiful yarn!



  1. They're very pretty. I have knitted many things with cables; it became a lot less tedious once I learned how to do it without a cable needle.

    They look nice and warm and (very purple!)

  2. Thank you!
    I agree about doing cables without a cable needle. I did that quite a bit when I just had to twist two stitches around each other. But I preferred to use the cable needle (the ones with the kink in it are best) whenever I had to hold two stitches out of the way.
    The yarn, thin as it is, can be just a tad too splitty to successfully hook up more than the one stitch, particularly as the knit stitches get knit through the back loop.
    I am very pleased with this pair, on to the next one!

  3. That yarn looks really warm and squishy. Nice socks, I'm putting them into my queue.