Thursday, 4 November 2010

Trachtentuch A by Erich Engeln

This pattern is for an old-fashioned shawlette that used to be worn with a Dirndl (the folk dress of women in the Tyrol or in Bavaria) - I suspect that those ends would get tucked into the generously cut neckline of the Dirndl top, whichwould explain why they extend quite so far diagonally across.  Or perhaps into a belt?

I loved knitting this.  It was fun and quick.

The edges make this a bit of an odd shape - every two rows you increase by six stitches: one each side of the centre stitch, as well as another two stitches at each edge.  It makes the ends of this shawlette dangle down and start to twist in a spiral.

I used:
YarnFour Seasons Hot Socks Spectra
Needles3.25mm circular
PatternTrachtentuch A by Erich Engeln

I bought the yarn from a stall at an annual fair in Germany.  I had never heard of the company Gr√ľndl and thought it was something like Noro or Lana Grossa instead.  Isn't it nice when you discover a new yarn kind of by accident!

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