Saturday, 30 October 2010

Knit Nights at Loop

Last Thursday I popped into Loop, for one of their Knit Nights.  The shop is open until 7.30pm and the upstairs (the area with the Sofa!) becomes a cosy haven of knitting loveliness from 5.30pm onwards.

I wanted to check it out to see what it's like as a general thing, more specifically I also wanted to do some more knitting out in town while sat chatting to others and thirdly: I had discovered the need (I call it a 'need', if you knew the exact extent of my yarn stash you would, no doubt, disagree with me strenuously on that... cough...) to get, you guessed it, yet more yarn.

I finally had occasion to wear my Aqua Malabrigo Shawlette, but found that the colour doesn't go with a great many things I wear.  But the yarn is so soft!  This mix of silk and merino with the Malabrigo typical buttery softness of the yarn that literally blooms when you block it: I just had to get some more of that!  It wafts round your neck like a delicious cloud: there is absolutely no scratchiness and it doesn't cling or stick and doesn't make you feel uncomfortably hot.  This yarn makes it the most wearable shawl I made (and I made quite a few, check out my Ravelry projects page if proof is needed).

This is it: Malabrigo Silky Merino - a DK weight

Colourway Mattise Blue 415

51% Silk
49% Merino

Gorgeous! (I want some more of either the 428 Pink Panther or the 421 Blackberry! Or the 30 Purple Mystery? Yum...)

I even got half an hour's worth of knitting in!  Loop are lovely hosts: there is coffee and also cake, for reasonable prices.  Sorry, I got there so late (had to work lnoger than normal) that I ran to get my yarn and then threw myself into knitting, - I was completely oblivious to the sustenance available that I literally only noticed as we were leaving.  Note to self: must come back for cake...


  1. would that be the Loop in Camden Passageway? I LOVED that store!!

  2. Ooooh jealous :( So hello to Loop from me next time you're there - I love the Sofa ;)