Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Quick interlude - white Niebling shawl

So I am struggling with way too many WIPs, trying to complete some to get the count down.

So I got to two and a half projects completed (the third one only needs a photo taken) and what happens?

Yep, you guessed it: I cast on a new project!

I just couldn't resist the idea whispering inside my head of a lovely lacy shawl all in white (haven't done an all white shawl yet) in a complicated pattern by Herbert Niebling. Well, I say shawl, but the Niebling patterns are basically doilies and table cloths. Or little place mats or cushion covers, or... you get the picture.

But if I manage to make a Niebling doily big enough so I can fold it in half? That should be very wearable as a shawl, shouldn't it?

So of course I had to start this, - and guess what... I finished it yesterday!
How amazing that I can complete a project in one go when I am feeling exceedingly keen on the whole process!

I must admit that I did not even attempt a casting off edge of crocheted loops (yep, I've got a project waiting for a little over half its crocheted cast off chains and every time I look at it I feel more put off. This is the heathered blue round doily, also a Niebling design. I rather enjoy those) - nope: I just cast off very loosely and once I realised that the points wouldn't be pointy enough no matter how loosely I was working, I worked a few inserted stitches at the points so I had more anchorage for casting off. Worked like a charm.

I was so into getting this off the needles and blocking, that I didn't even bother cutting the thread: I plunged the shawl into the bathroom sink, squeezed out very gently and pinned just the points to block it.  Seems to do okay though only time will tell if this is useable as a shawl once it's dry. Wish me luck.

Here it is:

All blocked, ends sewn in and looking lovely!

Pattern:    Decke 10 in Band 760 (Beyer) page 7
               republished recently and available on
                         [it's the purple volume Band 760+408]
Yarn:       100% Merino cobweb by Angeljays (ebay) held double
Needle:    4mm circular (a pretty pointy set, pointy is good)


  1. It's really pretty! And, since you finished it, at least it doesn't count as _adding_ to the too many WIPs.

  2. That is amazing, very pretty and I am impressed with how fast you made it!

  3. Anonymous08 July, 2010

    That is impressive! And if you decide you don't like it as a shawl after a few years, you can always use it as a tablecloth! :)