Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Something has to be done

My crafty state of play:

15 completed projects
 5  projects in hibernation (Not even going to worry about those)
22 unfinished projects (Arrgh! Mea culpa, mea culpa...)

This is not good.  This is really terrible in fact. Even worse is that I actually thought there were 17 WIPs on my Ravelry page but I missed counting a row of five, whoops-a-daisy.  (Counting properly has a lot going for it).

Something has to be done!

If I look at all of those then I'll be struck by paralysis.  Not gonna, therefore.

So this is the plan: I'll pick only a few projects to focus my attention on.  That should reduce procrastination.

First success to be reported: my Blue Jitterbug Lapis Kerchief - I only wove in the ends (numbered two, so no problem) and blocked it because I wanted to show it as completed on my Ravelry page! Plus wear it too, of course.  That might have had something to do with it after all...

Absolutely up-to-date state of play:
16 completed projects
5  hibernating projects
21 unfinished projects (I must be mad)

I will pick the five projects that I can finish the soonest.  Which are all stuck at a stubborn 95%!  For various not very good reasons...

My heathered blue doily by Niebling
Because I finished the knitting part and 'just' need to cast off: after three sessions I'm not even half way round - which goes a long way to explain why this is so difficult! Still, not long to go so that's the decisive reason to complete it.

Main reason: because I love knitting this and it is has exciting design challenges.  I am making the pattern up as I go along, starting from a plain hem (it will lie flat with lots of blocking), slightly fitted to the waist.  Then I did a turned hem cast off for the back and carried on the front with decreases either side.  The photo does not show it properly, I had to fold the top in half vertically to avoid the top rolling down too much. I am knitting a facing for that top of the front piece and then I'll do straps.
Challenge: I am splitting this yarn from 6 ply to 3 ply and ran out so will need to split another ball.  Then full steam ahead!  Can't wait.

Alpaca shawl in dark red
I just need to block this Alpaca 4 ply and it would be fabuloso!  Main reason against: I quite like sitting on the seat that I use for blocking, so that one requires a bit of planning.  Should be one of the easiest to complete, he-he.

Oh shoot: same reason as above!  It just needs a good block.  I really need to have a word with myself!

Photo evidence to the contrary (I did knit up the neckband since then) this is very close to finishing.  I only need to sew down the centre facings and attach button loops. Oh, right: buttons!  Completely forgot about those - I should think about what to choose, can't believe that this didn't occur to me before!
The reason why this project is still a WIP is that the weather got much nicer and warmer and I didn't feel like working with wool. The yarn is very gorgeous: Mirasol Qina, a lovely, though slightly heavy quality.
That shouldn't stop me though.

And that's those five projects that I ought to be able to finish soon.

Wish me luck!


  1. Good lucK with finishing those, can't wait to see them (especially the alpace shawl, thats is gorgeous)! I sympathise though, am not letting myself start anything new until I have done the projects that are lined up and need finishing.

  2. Anonymous18 June, 2010

    I think choosing five to focus on is a really good strategy, and with so many you are so close! I also tend to linger at 95% but it's so satisfactory to finally change the status to 'finished'... Go for it! : )

  3. 5!! All of a sudden, I feel lazy.