Friday, 25 June 2010

Phew! Two shawls blocked...

Now that's got to count for progress!

Here they are:

My Aqua Malabrigo Lace Shawlette

Pattern:      Traveling Woman
Yarn:         Malabrigo Silky in Bobby Blue (27)
Needles:    4mm
I used just under 2 skeins. Bought from Loop Knitting in Islington, London. They just moved to gorgeous new premises!

Alpaca Shawl in Dark Red

Pattern:     Gail/Nightsongs
Yarn:        Artesano Alpaca 4 ply
Needles:    4.5mm

I must check the remainder of the yarn to figure out how much I used. I bought four balls but I've got lots left over.

I was quite worried that this alpaca wool wouldn't block well.  So far it's looking good but I haven't exactly worn it yet.  It's too warm outside for that, so I will need to blog about this shawl when it gets autumnal again (let's not think of that just yet).

Latest state of play:
16 WIPs
20 Completed projects (yay!)
 8 projects in hibernation (yup, chucked another couple in there for good measure)
I'm afraid I am sneaking a newly cast-on project in there.  I was desperate to cast on a Niebling doily pattern in a white cobweb yarn that is so wonderfully soft and beautiful to knit with!  I am hoping this is going to be a shawl.  Right now I'm at the stage where I have to repeat the same two stitches times two over two rows about 20 times, it's getting a touch tough to get through...
I really should complete a couple more projects - for the variety!


  1. Anonymous25 June, 2010

    They are GORGEOUS! I'm especially in love with the second one - the color, the stitch, it's perfect... And well done on the photography!

  2. Those are really lovely. I think the Traveling Woman is my favorite - so refreshing in that beautiful aqua!

    Good luck with controlling your projects - but I'd say don't try to go overboard. If you're not naturally project-monogamous, it'll drive you nuts if you try to go there.

  3. Lovely work, Giselle. I think a shawl is a perfect use of Malabrigo. I find it too hot for a sweater.

  4. Thank you so much everyone!

    Anne: that's an insight! Very true. I am indeed getting a bit resentful if I try to force myself to only do some WIP bashing. So of course I've cast on a lace shawl! (And finished it day before yesterday, yay...)
    Ooh, where will it all end...