Saturday, 5 June 2010

London Crafts shops

Have you seen my page on London Crafts Shops?

I just updated it after going to Klein's in Noel Street last week. They have an amazing amount of trims, braids, ribbons and anything else that comes by the meter. Even in leather and rubber! I wouldn't be surprised if there are any glow-in-the-dark ones (I'm only kidding)...
Quite an old-fashioned shop that must have been in its location for a consider number of years. It is filled to the rafters. There is also a small downstairs area with fabric dyes, a small amount of yarn and bits and pieces. They also do others bits like tassels and bag handles.

Did I miss out any shops?

I have not yet had a chance to go to the yarn shop near Bethnal Green, nor those in West London.

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  1. I love your list! It's grown quite a bit, hasn't it? Cloth House on Berwick St is so far my absolute favorite as far as fabrics and buttons go... Though I found gorgeous wooden buttons quite unexpectedly at John Lewis yesterday. Their button range is usually quite standard, but I was surprized when I started looking through the wooden ones!