Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Knitting & Crochet Blog Week - Tuesday: An Inspirational Pattern

I love the story behind The Green Sweater by Elizabeth Zimmermann. Jared Flood took photos of the original cardigan that are amazing.  The story about how this garment was rediscovered is lovely and it really made me look very closely at all available photographs.

I love this pattern because the cardigan unites so many different techniques: a turned hem leaving a ridgeline at the hem (and neckline!), mitered corners at bottom/centre opening, steeking of not just the centre front but for both sleeves as well and the neckline! It has very deep dolman sleeves, some lovely decreases at the underarm shaping, a square neckline with again mitered corners - and the very best thing of all: gauntlet cuffs! I LOVE those!

My enthusiasm literally fired up and I went to see if there was more information about this garment anywhere on the Internet. Imagine my delight when I realised that Schoolhouse Press is selling the pattern! It wasn't cheap to get because they send you a hard copy (they do not offer any downloads right now and I am not sure if this may change in the future) and the postage of even a few sheets of paper was more than I was expecting. But I had to have the pattern, there was no two ways about it! I was all afire and I am extremely pleased that I managed to get this at all.

I remember my intense excitement when the envelope arrived! It was wonderful to discover this pattern in all its glorious details.  I had some problem deciding on a suitable yarn. Initially I thought that I was going to do a practice run with inexpensive cotton first, but then I realised that the Pima cotton I had in mind was unsuitable (too stiff so wouldn't drape well) and used Mirasol Qina instead. I love the rose colour but the yarn turned out slightly on the heavy side for this design.

I may make this again and would then chose something like Berocco Ultra Alpaca Fine instead - there is a very gorgeous Boysenberry Mix colour (shade 1282) that I have my eye on! Or another Berocco weight: Ultra Alpaca Light, a DK, in turqoise or Oceanic Mix! Gorgeous!!

I am amazed that the steeking was not as much of a challenge as I feared. All the other details are easy to follow as well and I really enjoyed making this. Getting to the last stage (I only have to knit the neckband now and sew in ends) I am getting rather hampered by the weather having turned so much warmer - it makes you feel less inclined to work with warm wool. But I will finish this cardigan soon and then wear it with enormous pride!

PS: I did sew down the live stitches inside the gauntlet cuffs so there is a little less left to do. Onwards!


  1. I liked this post - from beginning, middle and almost to the completion of this piece :-)

  2. that pattern inspired me too. It was my Olympic Project.