Monday, 22 March 2010

My quickest project

I can't quite believe this but I knitted a shawlette in a day. This is the very quickest project I managed to do. I even finished sewing in the ends on the same day and now I am wearing it the following day.

Very satisfying!

The yarn is off ebay, I really like the colour (the purple is a little more 'electric' blue looking in real life, very striking). I hadn't knitted anything in mohair in a long time (a lemon yellow lace patterned jumper with butterfly wings comes to mind. It was my first major project and I think I even finished it at some point. Didn't wear it all that much though - that put me right off mohair).

The pattern is lovely: Storm Cloud Shawlette off Ravelry, designed by a lady named Hanna Breetz.

I meant to knit a bigger ruffle all round, the pattern calls for 12 rows - running out of yarn I only managed three rows. I think that has its own charm. Those three rows make for a distinct edge even though a ruffle is nowhere in sight.

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  1. Well done! Can't wait to see a photo (or live!)! : )