Friday, 5 March 2010

Candle Light Kerchief

The first time I checked out Loop Knitting, the yarn shop in Cross Street, Islington, London – I marvelled at the lovely yarns but also found them a touch expensive.  Then I spied some completely gorgeous wool hanging in long hanks over what looked like a broomstick above the stairs down into the stockroom.  This turned out to be a 100% merino wool called Colinette Jitterbug. Colinette being the company, and Jitterbug the name of the merino sock yarn.
I’d fallen into immediate adoration of the shade Rio – this is a bright fuchsia, slightly variegated in mainly bright pink, some streaks a bit lighter and other slightly darker or more violetty, and then there are short bits of an orangey red in there but only one stitch at a time.

It is gorgeous! I wanted it, I had to have it.

Having gotten the one skein home I wasn’t really sure what to do with it (as you do). In the end a pattern for a Candle Light shawl won the day and I started to knit this triangular shawlette. I was inspired after seeing a merino kerchief worn by a friend time and time again, with me getting more jealous each time I saw her in it! Also in a lace pattern, a touch smaller and in a gorgeously vibrant shade of violet.

I loved knitting this. The yarn feels really good when winding it, knitting with it and lovely for wearing it too! I managed to do a fair bit of it pretty quickly, then I got a little stuck when I realised I was running out of yarn. I thought I might want to get a second skein but resisted because the shading between skeins can be wildly different. You either buy the whole lot at the same time, making sure to compare them thoroughly!, or you you’ll get a very different shade or distribution of colours. So I did the border repeat and cast off. A very simple bog standard chain cast off. Which didn’t do the shawlette any favours and made it look a bit bland. Not as special as it should look!
I was going to unpick the cast-off row and try something different (I hadn’t cut the 'cord' yet) but then some experimenting with a crochet hook resulted in a picot edge that used up most of my remaining yarn (though not all, crikey!) and left me highly satisfied with the outcome. Result!

I probably wouldn't have finished the edge now in early March if it hadn’t been for the fact that I was suddenly desperate to wear it and show off to a friend what I’d made. I didn’t fancy carrying the still attached ball of wool around with me and I wasn’t going to cut it off either – weaving in three ends instead of the one was not something I fancied*. So it was off to meet the friend kerchief-less and then after that the sudden spurt of energy to finish.

I’ve been wearing it every second day since. I love it a lot because it looks so good! I wear a lot of black so my favourite colour brightens me up considerably! In fact, I like the whole shawlette thing so much that I fancy something similar in blue.
I’ve even cast on already, ahem, I’ve even done about a third of this by now! I might have another finished object to list soon.

This is educational (borrowing the words of Vinnie Jones in Lock, Stock…): if you want to get inspired then finish something. The pleasure you get from completing something might suddenly spur you on to bigger and better things: more joy, more knitting happiness!
I am very pleased with this.

* - I do a lot of weaving in of ends on my wave crest patterned cardie. I am getting plenty of practice on this project but I didn't want to waste even a few inches of this lovely Jitterbug yarn!

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  1. Yay, you've been missed! Good to hear from you again :) I was just over at Loop the other day. Expensive, yes, but oh so wonderful. They were actually looking for an assistant recently and I considered applying, but one of the requirements was "very good knitter" and I was kind of too shy about that... (Well, also, I couldn't work as many hours as they needed, but I guess I could've tried contacting them anyway... It would've been a dream part-time job!)