Thursday, 4 February 2010

Garter stitch in the round without purling - a link

I have just found a blog post about the most genius way of knitting garter stitch in the round without purling or wrapping a stitch when turning the work for another knit row when going the other way.

Here is the link:

This is utterly brilliant and Fleegle is an out and out genius for coming up with this! Like someone said in the comments: I would have never thought of this. Not in a million years.

I just had to share this. This is something I will definitely try very soon!



  1. Oh thank you so much for pointing me in the direction of this! Great idea, really. I love how knitting is STILL an evolving craft, even though it's been going since the dinasours ;)

  2. Yes, isn't it brilliant? I love learning new stuff, and when I find something particularly exciting I just have to share.