Sunday, 17 January 2010

My first quilted block

This is the very first block I ever quilted. The pattern is called Paths and Stiles.

This is still a block because I haven't actually done anything with it yet (that would be way too 'over achieving' now, wouldn't it...). I made two, one for each side of a pot holder. A binding strip and a bit of wadding would do wonders for finishing this...
I'm not all that bad on ideas and inspiration, but the follow-through, oh boy, that's not my forte.
It didn't help that I wanted to start on quilting a big item: an open container to throw stuff into, sort of a storage box: blog post to follow.

Here's some of the steps of my practice piece:

The colour of the centre patch is navy, which is not very clear to see in the photo - it ties in with the blue of the pink and blue patterned fabric.  I am very happy with the colour and pattern combination of this block.  I find that I prefer patchwork with lots of plain uni-coloured fabrics in it, they allow the eye to 'rest' and avoid the quilt looking too busy.

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