Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Fringed bead bracelet

One of my craft likes is bead weaving. This bracelet is actually black 'in real life', but I couldn't take a photo that showed enough details without flash - so this photo makes it look rather silver, which unfortunately it is not. Black beads are nice too, and the colour is suited to the fringe effect of the bead strings:

This is a woven bracelet out of six seed beads across - then the second and fifth row only have the fringe strings added to them.  The technique for weaving the basic band may be called Ndebele, I am not too sure about that: it involves going through two beads in the previous row, then picking up two new beads and going through the next two beads of the previous row - the thread goes along in a snake like wave and not a spiral. This means that the most recent row will have little gaps before and after every two beads. These get closed in each subsequent row, and the top row is sewn shut by putting the thread through once more, but transposed by one bead.
Each bead pair leans a little towards each other, this can be even used to good effect. It doesn't make any difference here because the fringes hide the basic band.

I have the pattern and idea from a bracelet on the Internet, I am sorry to say that I can't find it again so I can't credit the designer. If you have more info let me know and I will add it. The designer called this her 'caterpillar' bracelet and the same site also had a Ndebele bracelet with half circles in two colours, very pretty too!  I made that two tone bracelet as well and will blog about it soon.

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