Friday, 6 February 2015

Wardrobe decluttering

Now here's a subject that really floats my boat!  Getting rid of stuff, yay!

Wardrobe decluttering

This has gone swimmingly, and all because I moved house to a smaller place. The choice was to live in hoarder's paradise with stacks of clothes threatening to fall over, or get rid of everything I don't need.

Surprisingly it turns out I don't need nearly as much in the way of clothing as I thought I did!

The best tool has also been my new warerobe with sliding doors: so easy to open and see what I've got, so convenient to pull garments out and so difficult to hang any hangers on to the outside as I was used to do.  Bliss!

For the first time in my place I am hanging alike garments next each other.  My wardrobe starts with currently worn coat, jackets, then trousers, skirts and then all tops: long-sleeved tops right now and a few that I want within easy reach at the end. They are either evening wear or a couple of summer tops that I want to alter.

It works wonderfully well!

I shoved short-sleeved T-shirts into a plastic container with lid and put it under the bed where it's nicely out of the way.  I won't need them again until it's summer.  Or at least when it gets a bit warmer - and for once I actually know exactly where I put them!

It is also nice to see that I've hung some tops and some skirts into the wardrobe that I sewed myself. Most of them provide quite a nice flash of colour in the dreariness of the other colours I've got!

I would really like to make (or buy) at least a couple more tops in colours that make me feel more alive and energetic.  The 'make it myself' option should be no problem because I've got lots of fabrics, quite a few in colours that I am looking forward to wearing!

The only issue is that I'll have to get it done.  It's the fitting that gets to me.  I'm alright with skirts, but the top part - that's not going too well so far. Big sigh.

Wish me patience!

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