Friday, 27 June 2014

Trouser pattern

I did a really great course on Sunday (well, recently):  drawing up the pattern for a basic trouser block.  It was the trouser workshop at MIY Studio in Brighton, with the very patient and supportive Wendy Ward.  I had such a great day!

And I must say the pattern came out fantastic!

The trouser toile fits almost perfectly – as if I got poured into it in fact!  It only needs a tiny little sliver sliced off the side seams to get rid of some slight bagging in the hip to waist area, absolutely no problem:  I know by how much as well as where to start that slice and where to stop.

It was such a lucky thing that Monday was a bank holiday here in the UK.  I could have started to sew but alas I didn’t.  Only for the reason though that my massive stash of fabric did not yield a convenient length of suitable cloth.  All the right sized fabrics weren’t the right kinds of fabrics.  I had woven cotton that would wrinkle too much or dressmaking fabrics that would be great for blouses and all sorts, but no good for trousers.

I wanted something with good drape, a nice handle and in a colour that is not too attention seeking. I would like to reserve that kind of thing for my blouses and shirts.  Or skirts.  But not trousers.  They should be a bit more non-ostentatious.  Although I can see myself make a Capri style trouser at some point in a nice bright floral pattern – think Kaffe Fassett or Amy Butler.  Something like that.  But only for summer wear, away from work, on my own time.  Not for work (I reckon).

Plus I am very much after a very versatile pair that I can wear at work and elsewhere.  I usually get my basic black trousers at Marks & Spencer – I hadn’t recently because I went round all the rails and couldn’t find the exact shape I was after.  I wish they kept their styles a bit longer!  So you can go back and always buy the same ones again.  What do you want in a pair of black trousers?  Great fit and a very simple visual style, nothing else.  So why can’t retailers offer that?  Why chop and change when new styles don’t fit as well? All they do is lose customers when it gets too frustrating.  Those customers might not just go to the competition, they might even start to make their own!

Ergo why I am. So there retailers!  If you don't provide what I want, then I’ll go and make it myself.

I am still pretty motivated from the successful day on Sunday – so off I went to Goldhawk Road on Tuesday evening after work – and I found loads!

I got three lengths of fabrics that are more than suitable for trousers.  The shop owner gave me a discount and I paid £50 for the lot.  I think there is almost five meters there.  I got a really good discount because these were the end of bolts of between one and a half and two meters.  Great for trousers but not enough for a suit.  I don’t wear suits much, so I don’t care.  I am delighted to have found such lovely fabric.

And even more fabric: two lots of lining, an amazing black fabric with appliqué shapes on it, a grey fabric that I’ve been looking for for a while...  I can’t physically add it to my stash because there is no space.  But I also couldn’t leave the fabric I bought in the shops.  Damn.

I will just have to cut my newly made trouser fabric from two fabrics at once (not literally) and get sewing!

I can't wait to see what I get done!