Saturday, 30 November 2013

Grey socks

While I'm at it: I also started socks - for my dad, as a Christmas present.

I guess I'm blogging about it so that I can't back out of making these for him for Christmas.

This is a bit of a promisary note.

You gotta use every trick in the book to motivate yourself!

On the other hand the red jumper (and no, it's not a Christmas jumper, it's just not) will be finished soon and then I want another project I can quickly pull out and get knitting, round and round and round, while I watch television or something on the Internet.

The plan is to make this plain vanilla socks: just stocking stitch and no pattern.  My dad will prefer it, I'm pretty sure of that.  He will also appreciate that he'll be able to throw these in the washing machine - I somehow can't see him doing any hand washing.  Not even of hand knitted socks.  I just don't.

But that means that they're wonderfully quick to make.

And I'm enjoying knitting these!

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