Sunday, 9 September 2012

Summer break

I've been away for a while, close to five weeks, and I missed my life.  I'm really glad to get back to it.

While away and providing support before and after my parent's hospital stay as well as flat-hunting, I did have lots of time to knit.  Which is nice.  I am surprised that I managed to not just start four projects - but also finish them!  Plus another two that were already works in progress.  I'm really chuffed with myself!

Now I just need to photograph the results so I can post those to Ravelry as well as blog about them all.  Looking forward to that.

And I managed to find a new handbag last week (first week back) that I actually like better and better the more I look at it.  I just hope it works well in its purpose.  The straps are a touch slippery and I sure hope that this is not going to be a problem.  I also can't submerge huge amounts of stuff in it, let alone my crafts projects so I will have to carry a separate project bag.  That's not a bad thing in itself.

Here is the bag:

And just to show scale, with a sock (I have small-ish feet):

Yes, this is one of the new socks

It is a cream colour with glossy black and silver metal bits.  I'm not actually fond of cream, though I love the other colours, but here the effect is slightly vintage or retro, and I love it!

The other thing I'm happy about is that I managed to iron three linen/linen mix blouses last night. This includes my last two sewing projects: the silver grey top and the black and white tunic.  Both hold up well to wearing and washing - and even ironing!  I am delighted.  It wasn't even that bad to have to iron them - but only because I am looking forward to wearing both again and can't wait to give them another outing.

As long as I sew things that I actually like it will motivate me to keep going.  Nothing worse than getting stuck with unsatisfactory progress on your latest projects.  Fingers crossed.

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