Friday, 24 December 2010

Yarn obsession

I went completely doolally, you can't call it anything else.  On Monday evening I went along to the Bothered Owl's event: a Christmas Yarn Party.

I knew I shouldn't take along a lot of cash because I'd get tempted.  Well, I did, and I indulged more than I meant to (yes, there was another visit to the cashpoint, but at least only one... does that count?).

There were a number of independent yarn vendors: Skein Queen, Yarns to Knit, Sweet Clement, Fyberspates, and others.

I went absolutely bonkers: there was so much wonderful yarn that I couldn't leave behind!  My excuse is that it literally jumped into my hands, - you know: right off the table, as if by itself...

Here are some of the photos of my newest stash additions:

This Skein Queen yarn has the wonderful colourway name of Shepherds' Warning:

More of my Sweet Clement yarn, most are the BFL sock yarn, here in cerise:

Electric Blue:

And teal. This is my second high twist Beloved yarn (I also bought this in the dark red, see my latest socks):

Now the only question is: what do I want to make with these?

Sitting and knitting with my friends was great, being able to have a glass of wine with that: very civilised! And the two ladies of The Bothered Owl had put on a very rich feast of a buffet. I was only expecting a few bowls of peanuts and olives and perhaps a couple of other types of nibbles!

What wasn't so great about sitting there was that the yarn on the Sweet Clement stand kept (I swear!) smiling at me from right across the room.  A smile of yarny scrumptiousness so brazenly bold that I had to go and get more...

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