Thursday, 30 December 2010

Socks, socks, socks!

Finishing my beautiful dark red cable panel socks made me very happy.  I was very, very pleased with them!  Such a nice thing to experience this glow and sense of achievment when a project turns out well.  It pushes you onwards...

I was so enthused that I started my next project straight away.  More socks!  (The blog post title has to refer to something!)

I am calling them my Frosted Spires socks.  Skein Queen in colourway Jack Frost (isn't that such a cool name?) - 2.5mm needles.

I am very pleased with my progress:

To this:

From this:

I love knitting both socks at the same time: a little on one, then over to the other - in turn and turn around.  Disadvantage: if you make a mistake on one, you're likely to do the same thing on the other.  But that's where the advantage lies: you get to remember what the different manoeuvres are (heel, gusset, toe decreases, that sort of thing) and any difficulties with the pattern itself too.  I wouldn't want to read the same tricky chart a second time once I finally get round to the second effort.

And that's my biggest problem: I start out all enthusiastic on the first sock, I probably get it done quite quickly and I feel dead chuffed at what I achieved... and then with that sinking heart feeling... I realise that I've got to do it all over again!  And it's just not as exciting the second time round, oh no it ain't.

When knitting a bit on one and the same bit on the other, you don't really notice how much work goes into it - it's all still part of the journey of discovery about a new pattern: all fresh and exciting and new!

The best thing: when you complete one, the second one is not far behind at all!  It just seems to all go so very quickly!  I love doing socks this way.

It's just a bit hard on your wallet coz you need two sets of needles.

I saw a gorgeous pattern called Rosebud Socks on the blog by Ignorant Bliss.  They are out of this world gorgeous!  The more often I looked at her wonderful photo the more I envied her the pattern.

I gave in and ordered the book (I just hope it's the right one!) - Socks from the Top Up.

While I was at it I had a look at my saved wishlist and also ordered the Traditional Fair Isle Knitting book.  I reckon it's worth it just for the pattern on the cover!

Loop in Camden Passage, London, have Jamieson's in lots of different colours (could even be a round 100? Must check) - I quite fancy trying some of them out soon!


  1. I have that book (Socks from the toe up) and I love it, you definitely didn't go wrong with it!

  2. I have both of those books! How funny. I also like to knit my socks both at once. I usually divide the yarn, then knit one to the heel turn, put it on holders, and start the other and go back and forth. Sometimes I knit both at once on two circs, but that gets tedious trying to keep track of the yarn balls.

  3. Thank you so much to both you of you! Thanks for the encouragement.
    I tried to do a sock with two circs but felt that it stretched the fabric too much. It was just a bit too cumbersome to do, at least in Continental knitting.
    Last night I saw a friend do two sleeves at once on the same needles: going from one ball of yarn to the second, row by row. Cool! I must try that next time. Easy to increase the same on both sleeves!