Saturday, 14 August 2010

Rolodex bracelet

Well, that's what I call it - the tabs remind me of a Rolodex roll.  I am sure there must be other bracelets like this out there, but I thought of the design myself - it is not inspired by one I had seen.  Sometimes ideas like this just pop into your head.  It took me a while to start, but once I did it went surprisingly quickly.

I love the result!

I haven't been blogging for a little while.  I have made progress, flitting from one project to another, but there are no completed projects to report on.  Except for this bracelet!  I am really pleased with it.  I made other bracelets before with the same hand-weaving technique so I made sure to make this one a little wider at eight beads in a row.  Unfortunately it didn't turn out as big and chunky as I had imagined, this is much more dainty than I had in mind - so I may be making another one at some point.  Not just yet though.

I bought quite a few different findings, if that term includes closures!  Some months back I couldn't resist but kept popping into some bead shops here in London.  I spent a fortune!  I tend to do that when the enthusiasm overwhelms me, and unfortunately I get rather enthusiastic about things for a while, and then I move on.

Laying in crafts supplies has the advantage that you can pick things up again at a later stage, it's not like my huge stash of beads and things is going to go off!

It was lovely being able to dip into my things and find a closure for this bracelet that I really like.  Here is another photo to show it:

After a lot of knitting it was nice to pick up a different craft for a change.  You don't get tired of a thing when you can get back to it after a little diversion.  It keeps things interesting!

Talking about that, I also did a little bit of sewing but wasn't happy with the result at all: I managed to produce a top that is way too big for me.  There must be a logical error somewhere when I cut this out, it is wider than it should be so I think I may have forgotten to omit the centre front seam allowances when I cut the single pieces on the fold, whoops!  It is frustrating - so it's so much nicer when you manage to start something that turns out well and that you can finish, which is even better!

Talking about finishing items: having the closure to hand was fantastic for finishing this bracelet as soon as the weaving was done.  All too often my lack of success in completing things is down to the enforced stop to things.  You try to buy what you need as soon as you can, but it isn't easy to then make yourself sit down with to do the last little bit.  It's my biggest downfall.

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