Saturday, 14 August 2010


I am busy knitting up a fitted summer top in Araucania Lonco Multy - a lovely variegated cotton yarn.  It is very pleasant to knit with and I love all the colours in this: pink, lilac, darker purple and grey.  I was really looking forward to wearing this top.

This is just one of the projects I'm trying to get somewhere with but I've run into a problem now that I should have done something about when it first happened!

Unfortunately I am getting more and more disenchanted with the yarn's striping.  I knew it was a risk to make a raglan-seamed top, knitted from the top down - because of how the colours might pool.  When you knit a different amount of stitches in every row then the bands of colour are bound to 'wander' around - and at some point you might have them repeat on top of each other for a number of rows.

And would you know, it happened at the point just before seperating into body and sleeves, i.e. at the point of casting on new stitches for the underarm area: a big old stripe of the same colour creating a band of about two inches!

I do have a smaller pooled stripe a little higher up but it is much thinner and blends in better.  The worst thing about the second bigger pooled stripe is where it happened: just above the bustline, which rather emphasises a part of my anatomy that doesn't need attention drawn to it...


Even cutting the yarn wouldn't have worked: I should have used two different balls of yarn in alternating rows.  Unfortunately I only thought of this just now as I am typing this.  Bit late in the day!

I did notice this band of pooling at the time, but I still carried on.  I guess I thought that repeated pooling further down would distract from this one.  Just my luck that I am getting single row striping for the remainder of the garment! T'sh.
If it still looks as awful once I'm done, then I may have to go back and re-knit just that section (I am not ripping this back, no way) - and graft this to the other piece.  What joy, - and I am mean that entirely sarcastically!  I am not bad at grafting but I don't fancy having to get the tension right all the way around.

Major grumble!


  1. Oh, what misfortune! That's why I don't particularly like multicoloured yarns...

  2. Oh, that can be so frustrating. Hang in there.