Friday, 9 July 2010

Stash addition and London Knitting Group

I really can't help myself, can I?

I went along to the London Knitting Group in Gillespie Road, North London on Tuesday (please let them know before you go so they'll know re numbers) and really enjoyed the lovely two ladies' hospitality!

Their business is called The Knitting Shop ( and they sell really gorgeous yarns via their online shop - or you can phone ahead and pop in to pick up your supplies!  If you buy three or more skeins of the same colour then ask them if they offer a bulk discount, I am not sure if this is a temporary offer. Just call them and ask.

The knitting group was lovely: the wonderful hospitality of coffee and cake as well as great company: what more could anyone want from a knitting group?
It's not their fault that they have really gorgeous yarn that sits on the shelves around you and whispers at you: 'take us home...!'

I just could not resist. This is what I bought:

Susie showed me a cardigan she knit from this exact same colourway and I fell even more in love! The knitted up fabric is a touch more pale and delicate looking than I would have expected from the strong pink in this, - it looks truly lovely!

I love the shades of pink and mauvey purple, I really like grey as well so this mix of colours is wonderful!  I already wound two skeins of this into balls so I can start pretty soon.

I cannot wait!

PS: Update 20 July - my gauge is quite loose so any needle of 3mm and upwards produces a fabric which is extremely tranparent. I would quite like to be able to wear this as I would any other top, so I decided on 2.75mm needles for this. I just bought another set of Hiyas at Loop in Islington! The project can commence...

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