Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Unfinished projects

Hibernating: Balmoral Thistle doily

There are quite a few blog posts out there about WIPs, stash-busting and suffering from Startitis.  I thought I'd take that for inspiration and as my cue.

I already blogged about one of my manic periods when I started way too many new projects but not so much about the state of affairs going on.

At last counting (as of Monday this week) there are 17 unfinished projects... just quickly checking my Ravelry page to make sure... Oh my goodness! Crikey, how could I, I've missed out a row: there aren't 17, there are a humongous 22!  I knew there were a few but this is a lot worse than I thought!

Something has to be done.

I had already sorted out those that I won't be continuing with any time soon: I sent them off into Hibernation! Quite rigorously and without any pity...

There is an early project: a silver yarn handbag in raspberry stitch that I am not really sure how to attach to the frame (the hinged opening thingy) so it will have to wait until inspiration strikes (& until I'm keen on it again).  There is a purple round thing that I thought would make a lovely cushion or seat pad, but it came out way too small so it languishes until I've thought of a use for it.  I'm sure I'll find one, eventually... {cough, cough}...
There are two extremely gorgeous doilies for which I've unfortunately run out of yarn (see the Balmoral doily above), so these will have to wait until I make my mind up about whether to frog them, or what (More like: 'or what'!).  The fifth hibernating item is a wasted attempt to do something with a silvery grey acrylic that I don't even like touching - so not a good buy but I have the same yarn in another two shades and I can't bring myself to just get rid of them.  It's not growing on me, in fact this will probably be the one that I'll chuck: pack it all up (yep, the other two cones too) and see if a charity shop takes pity on me and takes it off my pitifully pleading hands...

I can list 14 completed projects (a couple more if you count all the little neckwarmers separately, but I can't be bothered) - which unfortunately leaves 22 unfinished...

Big sigh!

Since the beginning of the week I was able to finish one project: my Colinette Jitterbug kerchief in blue (my second shawlette in this yarn, loved the first one in pink, felt a second one in blue would be just the ticket) so that reduces the count down to 21.  'Big' difference (as if)...

Let me just keep on grumbling quietly to myself here.


  1. 17! OM goodness. I thought I was bad. I have 4 and feel overwhelmed.

  2. I usually don't have a lot of WIPs going at once but I'm getting worse about it as time goes by.... I'm not near 17 though! ;)