Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Knitting & Crochet Blog Week - Sunday: What a Yarn

I really like Colinette Jitterbug. It is a sock yarn weight that I have used for a kerchief style shawlette in a candlelight pattern and will be using for socks too.

This is Jitterbug in Rio, a very nice bright fuchsia. The colour is almost solid, the pink is slightly lighter and more vibrant in places and a little darker in others: very nice and subtle! There are also some very small bits of red and orange in it, just enough for about a single stitch - it does create a lot of interest and variation in the overall colour appearance. I love this colourway!

I also bought several further shades in this yarn - almost all directly from Colinette because it is more affordable than bidding for it on ebay: the price invariably rises beyond what you pay directly. People seem to go a little crazy when they start bidding for any of this yarn.

These are colourways Fruit Coulis on the top, and Dark Umber below. I also bought Cherry which is very similar to but without the darker pink/purple of the Fruit Coulis.

I also have some Frangi Pani and I just realised that I need to take pictures of that shade too!

Since then I also bought a skein of Colinette in Magenta, the colours are more pink than the photo shows, and it's absolutely gorgeous!

I also used a Knitwitches silk that I love: 100% silk single ply Indian silk in colourway Lucerne. This is the most gorgeous yarn that's absolutely wonderful to knit with! Unfortunately the lady running Knitwitches is sold out on all the colourways (Lucerne, a lovely mix of aqua blue and a gorgeous mid grey, isn't even listed although the banner graphic shows this colourway), though the undyed variety can be ordered. I had started the Balmoral Thistle design doily in the Kinzel Modern Lace book but it turns out that I haven't got nearly enough yarn. I may frog this and make something else with it, the yarn is so gorgeous that it really deserves a proper project and not a half finished one:

I liked it so much, I bought more in the turquoise colour way, I just couldn't resist:

I haven't decided yet if I could carry on the doily with the turquoise colour or if I still have too little. I want to use these two skeins for something very gorgeous!


  1. I can see why people go a little crazy, it's lovely!

  2. p.s. I JUST discovered your London craft shops section! What a treasure! I need to go button shopping today and was wondering what might be a nice specialized place (I want something more exciting than John Lewis), will definitely check out the Button Queen!

  3. I'm very pleased you like the shops page! I only just added it. I will put more shops on the list as I get to know them, I might split them into catergories if it gets too long.
    I haven't been to the Button Queen in a long time but it's definitely good to check out. You'll be near MacCullouch & Wallis in Dering Street, they do buttons too. Let me know how it went!

  4. Colinette is such a gorgeous yarn, but here in Canada, out of the price range of many - that is me. We have some Colinette at the LYS where I work, but at $23 per skein, I just look and do not touch. PErhaps it is cheaper in the UK?

  5. Jitterbug costs £9.95 (plus postage) direct from Colinette (in most UK LYS too I would think). I envy you the lovely yarns you have in North America! Madelinetosh, Sundara yarns, all those gorgeous shades in the Nature Palette, and so many more! I am sure they are not cheap either but so, so lovely!