Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Notizen - quilted notebook cover

That's 'notebook' as in the one with the white pages, to write on, with a real pen!

I really enjoyed quilting the letters to spell out what it's for. The 'i' in the centre middle is not very clear, I should have given it its own background fabric but couldn't fit that in widthwise.

The photo is not brilliant, but better than nothing. This is also the item of the title graphic. I ought to have used a photo of something else but I like these colours a lot.

Unfortunately I did not check the cover against the size of the notebook often enough, the cover came out a little on the swamping side, but better a little too big than not big enough and therefore rubbish for the purpose. I had to insert a bit of a cardboard because this slightly too big cover flopped all over the place.

But it is quite pretty. I just hope the recipient finds it as useful as I'd hoped he would.

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