Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Maryla's scarf

This was really fun to knit.  I made a lot of neckwarmers (in the round) in this pattern, called Candleflame - developed by a lady called Julia Allen.  I include the Ravelry link to the cowl.  Julia asks that the pattern is not used commercially.  It is free to download from Ravelry, and use for your own personal use.

Here is a pic and a detail shot:


I used Jaeger Matchmaker merino wool, it is lovely and soft and a bit squishy too!  I bought it at Wools and Crafts in Blackstock Road, Finsbury Park, London.

I really like the way the edges curve in and out. But even though I'd done loads of cowls, I had to adapt the pattern for a scarf: I tried the pattern without any purl stitches between each motif and then with two purl stitches.  I ended up using one, that worked best.

Because the scarf stubbornly rolled in from the long edges while I was knitting (I ended up with something resembling a sausage more than an accessory to be worn round the neck!) I was prepared to block the scarf aggressively (as the phrase goes) but all I did was to wet it down - and, hrrch!, it went flat as a pancake.  Oh dearie me, that rather scared me.  I found that I didn't have to stick any pins into this whatsoever, it stayed quite nicely in shape as soon as I draped it.  Once it was dry it lost the 'pancake' flatness and took on a resemblance of life.  So that was good.

I am pleased with the result.  I hope the recipient likes it too and that I picked a good colour.

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  1. As usual, your knitting is shockingly neat! You are my role model... : ) Good to hear from you again, it's been a while! : )