Sunday, 17 January 2010

Quilting Bee - shop

Finally! I finally managed to get myself to The Quilting Bee shop in Enfield. Glorious quilting fabrics! They have a really nice range of fabrics, quite a few well-known brands but best of all: there is at least one fabric in each and every colour you could possibly want. Fantastic!
I'll definitely be back, very soon.

Drudging through rain and nasty weather, having gotten lost on on my way to another stop in Enfield, it 'only' took me three buses to get to Links Side - I felt like a drowned rat by the time I stepped through the door! Imagine my delight at being offered a cup of tea! They even have a loo, just in case, so if that's not service I don't know what is! (The return journey was ridiculously quick'n'easy, note to self: next time just go straight there!)

I spent way too much money (as you do) but I came away with fabrics that I would have bought anyway, just not all at once. There was another one in a lovely red that I've got my beady eye on, but that'll have to keep till next time!

I went on Saturday just gone, a quilting group meets in the shop (not sure how often) and the offer of that restorative cuppa plus everyone chatting and knowing that you have all the time in the world to make your choice: it's just sheer bliss! Chris from the shop is lovely. And although it is a little bit of a treck up to Enfield, I am going to be buying quite a lot more from them, I'm sure of it!

Directions: go to Oakwood tube station (Piccadilly line), take bus 307 or 121 from stop C just outside the station (the other side of the road than the station, the bus should go off to your right on Enfield Road). You'll pass a large open green area, then get off at the Links Side stop, which in turn is just outside the shop, literally. The photo above was taken within five metres of the bus stop shelter. TfL says it takes 13 minutes, but I felt it was less long than that.

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  1. Wow! I didn't know you did quilting too! I was actually speaking to a lady about that on Tuesday as I'm thinking of taking it up - I've always wanted a patchwork quilt!

    I have friends who live near Enfield so perhaps next time I visit them I'll pop in.