Monday, 25 January 2010

Hexagon Fern tank top in black

This is the first top I made using just the stitch pattern: Hexagonal Fern from Barbara G. Walker's book: "Charted Knitting Designs", otherwise also known as her Third Treasury of Knitting Patterns. I must look up what the exact title is!

Growing up in a country where most knitting instructions come with a handy chart, those charts have a cosy and familiar feel to them. I like knitting charts because you can see how the pattern stacks up vertically and it makes it much easier to "read" your actual piece of knitting - either to establish where you are in the pattern, or where you went wrong!  I have not following instructions that are written out line by line very much. I tend to get lost and do the wrong bits, or the right ones too often! It usually works out as a heck of a mess before I 'understand' the pattern and can try to knit it from memory.

I saw this stitch pattern and really liked its structure, and how it looks as well of course! I decided to make something like a tank top in this but I didn't have an actual tank top pattern to follow. Being on holiday also meant that I didn't have access to proper pattern making paper so I used Mum's greaseproof. Rather interestingly I found that you can't stick greaseproof paper together with sellotape: the tape just literally slides off! I also tried to Prit Stick with slightly more initial success but this glue was not doing a much better job either. I didn't have any paper adhesive like Uhu around either so  I ended up basting the two strips of greaseproof together with big cross stitches, and that definitely holds it!

I took my measurements and drew them up for the back piece, drawing in arm holes and neckline free-handedly. It worked well enough. I knitted the front to the same measurements, except for neckline. And the finished article fits pretty darn good, even if I say so myself! I'm actually pretty chuffed with this.  Best thing: I'll be able to use the same paper pattern (sewn together as it is) again for another project, wahey! I think that I might want to design patterns (really basic ones of course) in future?! We'll see...

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